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olivia ebert - 'Liv'

Friday, May 25, 2018

A new collection of works by 'Liv Ebert'...

Her thoughts about this body of works..
'The entrancing colours & textures of the sky & nature bring reflection & an appreciation for the beauty around us everyday.
Through abstract thought on canvas, my fascination of colour, textiles & interiors inspires this new collection of artwork.
Colour to me is warmth, tactile, expression, vivid yet subdued - it sings radiance & a story. 

'kilim haze' 1000 x 1000


'maple may' - 900 x 900


'earthern spice' 1500 x 1000

'sticks & bricks' 1000 x 1000


'chips ahoy' 700 x 900

'watermelon' 765 x 600

'confetti mornings' 500 x 500 framed

'storm quartz' 500 x 500 framed 

'little luna' 500 x 500 framed

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lise temple

Monday, March 26, 2018

Etienne introduces Lise Temple, a South Australian Contemporary Artist.

Lise has been making art for over fifteen years and became a full-time, professional artist in 2005. Her art practice encompasses a diverse range of subjects, mainly executed in oils. Lise moves between degrees of abstraction, producing works of pure abstraction through to realism, and between.

She is best known for her abstract landscapes, a series inspired by the colours, contrasting light and broad shapes of the agricultural landscape. However her other abstract and realist works are an integral part of her process. The representational and abstract works feed into each other; in both she attempts to capture the complexity of natural forms. The textures, colours and patterns of nature constantly influence the work.

Recipient of many art awards including:
• Winner 2005 Heysen Prize for Australian Landscape
• 2007 Best Regional Artist (Australia) Heysen Prize for Australian Landscape
• 2006 Balco Art Prize
• 2006 Murray Bridge Rotary Art Prize
• 2005 Balco Art Prize
• Finalist in National Art Prizes, including the Fleurieu Peninsula Biennale 2006 & 2004, Whyalla Art Prize 2005 & 2007 and the Waterhouse Natural History Prize 2005.
• 2005 Waterhouse entry received Highly Commended award and was selected to tour to the National Archives Canberra in October 2005.

'childs play ll' - 1120 x 1220

'looking out with time lV' - 1120 x 1220

'interior arrangement' - 840 x 1020

'the open room' - 1060 x 1220

'looking out with time ll' - 1120 x 1220

lise temple at work...


'colour lust' - emma hack

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

SALA 2017 

Emma Hack is our SALA artist for 2017, her new Geometric works titled 'Colour Lust' will be hanging in store from July 20 - August 30, a must see...

Emma Hack is an Adelaide-based, Australian artist working in the unique medium of body paint installation and photography. Exhibiting extensively throughout Australia since 1999, Emma’s astounding artworks have since captured the attention of collectors and art lovers worldwide.

Emma has received great acclaim for her refined body paint camouflage technique; through a combination of painting on canvas, body painting and studio-based photography, her work evokes a rich array of visual narrative and magical realism.

Best known for her Wallpaper series (2005-2010) - in which she painstakingly camouflaged the human form by hand painting her models into the remarkable designs of the late Florence Broadhurst. 2013 saw the release of ‘Florence’s Archive’, a collection created by Broadhurst of never-seen designs since her passing in the late 70’s.  Emma was able to choose colour-ways and oversee production of these exclusive wallpapers. The result is a collection of beautifully float-mounted, low edition, highly collectable works.

Emma’s diverse artwork collections draw inspiration from the unique Australian flora and fauna, as well as Oriental influences. Her highly sought after ‘Native Mandala, ‘Birds of a Feather’, ‘Utopia’ and ‘Birds of Prey’ collections feature native animals and live birds resting on the models arm or hands, connecting her muse to the environment and enhancing the illusion of her body art. Emma’s travels abroad inspire her collections, drawing from the symbolism of other cultures and the decorative arts, Emma interprets treasures around the world in her form of illusion, ‘Blue & White’ and ‘Treasured Tiles’ explore these motifs.

Emma’s collaboration with Grammy award winning musician Gotye resulted in the iconic, award winning music video for Somebody That I Used to Know, which has been viewed by over 550 million people worldwide, raising her profile in the US, UK and Europe. Emma has since worked on major artistic commissions for Motor Accident Commission, South Australia, where she built a sculpture of 17 bodies, painted as a crashed car, again drawing worldwide attention to her craft. Emma’s commission for WA Ballet utilised the form of 21 Ballet dancers to create their 2014 program imagery. Emma’s commission and curated space for celebrity chef, Nic Watt has everybody gazing at a larger than life Madame Hanoi at Adelaide’s most talked about restaurant mural.

Emma launched her philanthropic ‘Emma Hack Art Prize’ in 2014, a yearly competition as part of the Adelaide Fringe Festival. It features South Australia’s most talented artists, vying for the $5000 prize.  It is currently the only prize established for South Australian artists.

Emma Hack has held successful solo shows throughout Australia and abroad at Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery, NYC and London, Bluerider Art in Taipei as well as hugely successful art fairs in Singapore, Brussels, Aspen, The Hamptons, Hong Kong and Milan. Emma opened her flagship Studio and Gallery, Emma Hack Gallery opened her flagship gallery in North Adelaide in her hometown of Adelaide from 2014 - 2016.  Her work is held in numerous private and corporate collections globally.


stanilas piechaczek

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Etienne is thrilled to be exhibiting a collection by the French born artist,  Stanilas Piechaczek.
Currently residing in Australia, he creates colourful abstract worlds occupied by objects and characters. His work is created by a complex depth of layers of acrylic and pastel.
Stan continues to experiment with his art from which he draws much pleasure and his style evolves to reflect himself as he is inspired by all that surrounds him, his life and his journey.
Stan has participated on numerous solo exhibitions in Australia and was recently selected as a finalist for the Clayton Utz Art Award.

'la chaise' - 105 x 95

'naughty submarine' - 105 x 95cm

'potato phone head' - 105 x 95cm

'bubble boom' - 105 x 95

‘David splashed 11 Palm drive’



'Floral Alchemy' - Vicki Kerr

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

My amazing friend Vicki Kerr has spent the last 3 years writing this glorious book, I am so thrilled and proud to have it in my store. Vicki writes of her book... "The focus of this book is to show flowers standing on their own.  It is a combination of elements that I believe compliment flowers, and that I love... diverse paper stocks, fabrics, wallpapers, botanical illustrations, vases and sculptures.  In combining all these aspects I hope we have produced something that is beautiful to look at, to have and to give."

See below for a glimpse inside... Photography by Maree Homer
To purchase... visit the online store 'new'