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'watercolours' - genevieve dawson-scott

Thursday, July 7, 2011

a SALA exhibtion ... 'watercolours'

Currently I am a second year student at Uni SA, studying visual art, although I am specialising in sculpture, painting has been a great personal outlet for me.  I am in love with colour & pattern , & to be able to put that onto a page fills me with joy: I sometimes paint just to see two colours that have been on my mind next to each other. 

Some artists I am attracted to at the moment are Mark Rothko, Jenny Kee, Christian Thompson & Margaret Preston.  I love a good strong bold line & a simple form. 

The paintings in this series are exercises in meditation, a way of tuning out.  The pattern I tend to use a lot was originally inspired by a painting of Fred Williams by John Brack: Fred Williams was wearing pants with a herring bone pattern, & I  adored the simplicity of it.  I see these paintings as conversations, back & forth between myself, & sometimes with someone or something else.  The figures & faces I paint often seem to have calm expressions, I don't know if this is a reflection of how I am or how I would like to be.

Either way, I hope you enjoy them.