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'liv in colour' - olivia ebert

Friday, August 1, 2014

 a SALA exhibition ...'liv in colour'

"My style has changed since I first started painting,  as a hobby five years ago. I began painting on commission with a very particular pop art inspired style, mostly portraits, using black, white and grey tones with only hints of colour. I have always had a creative mind and my passion for design and drawing led me to study, and since complete a four-year degree in interior architecture.

Subconsciously, colour is a constant in our lives, and we summarise ourselves with colour in our appearance and our homes. Connections I have made with colour remain with me; I think that colour retains memories. We are all affected by certain hues;  it has immediate impact  and influences our moods and reactions. Colour corresponds, communicates and links us with its vast and visual unspoken language. This is what drives my artwork.
'Liv in colour' is my debut exhibition inspired by my fascination of colour, and its harmonies, contrasts and discords. I believe that we do not see colour  so much as intuit it.

I have done a series of seven pieces, which I will never be able to replicate. I have articulated abstract thought from my soul into life on canvas, using vibrant and sensual colours with texture, creating vivid memories. Despite the unstructured and unplanned appearance of my pieces, [which often I admit, the serendipity surprises myself] I control the dynamic process to achieve a highly conscious outcome. Through colour, the pieces characterise a deliberate expression of the place I am in at the time.   

Texture is brought to the surface through considered action as the varnish becomes thicker and more complex, trapping and forming new colours and revealing the process beneath, creating a depth of pictorial space. The resulting arrangements are a fragment of a mood. I am a perfectionistic person, but I have learnt that there is beauty and even order in unplanned illustration of experimentation and chance."


"turkish stone" - acrylic, copper ink, gloss gel finish - 1525 x 1015mm


"zebra in hiding" - acrylic & ink, gloss lacquer finish - 890 x 890mm


"sassy mess" - acrylic, copper & gold ink, gloss lacquer finish - 1015 x 1015mm


"fluorescent daze" - acrylic & ink, gloss lacquer finish - 762 x 1015mm


"down to the wire" - acrylic, copper ink, gloss lacquer finish - 1015 x 1015mm