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'the mouse catcher' - jessie breakwell

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Jessie's work is offbeat, quirky and full of wonder. Strongly influenced by the enigmatic Brett Whiteley and French Fauvist artist Henri Matisse, Jessie's vibrant paintings evoke a sense of enchantment and fun providing light relief and a satisfying diversion from inescapable reality.

"I don't like to take life too seriously," Jessie says. "I'm not into realism, there's enough drama going on in the world at the moment so I prefer to take a lighter look at life."

Jessie breathes life into her subjects by combining mixed media with three dimensional treasures such as twigs found on the beach, mirror fragments, speckled feathers, colourful sequins, and newspaper which provides the exact impact she needs when her human forms need shading. Various tones of blue and red are predominant in many of Jessie's works which often depict interior room scenes and vignettes of the artist's daily life experiences.

Jessie has studied fine art and painting at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and held successful exhibitions at Picasso Gallery in London, the posh Beverly Hills Hotel in Los Angeles and sell-out openings in Melbourne. She has owned her own interactive gallery in Melbourne's stylish High Street and enjoyed an eye-opening stint as art tutor to the wildly wild Ozzy Osbourne children.


'the mouse catcher' - canvas with timber frame 103 x 153 cm